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I’m having a blast playing with camera code in XNA. This is the third time I’m writing my own camera, and after I experimented a bit with various camera implementations including Quaternion rotation, Matrix rotation, frame-by-frame rotation, I can now say that I get the basic principles of every camera. And my goal is to make a light camera framework, with a couple of build in cameras and code for easier writing your own camera. Last night was really productive, as I wrote some messy debug code using the vector renderer component from Ziggyware which I’ve tweaked a bit to draw bounding frustrums and alike.

I’ll release the source when I write some more camera types, but first a couple of screen shots:

The package will consist of two projects: zCamera and zCameraPlayground which uses an early version of zGui, my gui framework for debugging purposes.

The model I used is the model from XNA’s Normal Map sample. If you see a problem in that, please leave a comment.

Written by brainzizizi

08.08.2009 at 12:22

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