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XNA 3.1 and Dota 6.60

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XNA 3.1 just released with some nice new features.

As you can see, most of them are tied to the XBOX live service, which I don’t use since I don’t own an XBOX, but a very important feature for me is the video support. Now you can display full size video and use video as a texture which eliminates the need for 3rd party libraries.

A new version of DotA also released adding several new heroes and some major changes to items, existing heroes, existing spells and map layout. I have to say it looks very polished and these new changes bring up the fun factor in DotA. I play a game or two a day just to take my mind off things like school and crappy life but be warned, you can get addicted. Maybe worse than WoW. Ok, not worse… But close!


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06.11.2009 at 20:08

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