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Spaceships and news

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Been doing some really simple geometry in Maya, spaceships mostly.

As you can see none of them still textured, and I probably won’t be spending much time texturing any of them as I feel so helpless doing that. I’m really not an artistic guy (I couldn’t draw a bicycle on a piece of paper), as I ventured into 3D for my own personal needs , and I feel that texturing non-organics is my limit.

So yeah, now I’m stuck with a couple of untextured spaceship models so I decided to do a little 3D top-down space arcade / roguelike kinda action RPG where the textures won’t stand out as totally bad. And I said I’d finish it by the end of summer. We’ll see…

In other news:

  • XNA 4.0 Beta – If you got the CTP version installed you have to uninstall it, but do uninstall the whole product (not piece by piece) as you’re quickly going to find a lot of problems if you try uninstalling piece by piece. I fixed my problems using the MSI Cleanup Utility.
  • Goblin Camp v001 is out. You can call it a Dwarf Fortress killer, I call it cool. Anyhow it’s anonuncing the next generation of ascii graphics city builders. If you’re so confused right now, check and Dwarf fortress. Only for hardcore people who play hardcore games.

Written by brainzizizi

07.15.2010 at 17:48