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Abandoned: Terrain 3 and Skydome

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The diffuse shader is done on the terrain, and I have a system for the texturing. You can now put patches of grass and asphalt anywhere on the map. The amount of grass or asphalt texture on that point is determined by a texture lookup to a texture map which kinda looks like this:


The green pixel determine where the grass pixel are going to be, and the blue ones where the asphalt is going to be. I also passed the grass and the asphalt textures along with their detail textures to the shader, but after drawing that the framerate fell to about 50. So I removed the grass and asphalt detail textures and made them use the normal ground detail, and the framerate rose to 100 again. The terrain diffuse system looks kinda weird at this point because there’s no shadowing so surfaces get lit irregularly, and the skydome is finished. No that’s not atmospheric scattering on the screenshots, I just have a DayColor and NightColor and lerp between those 2 with the sun y position. This looks almost as good at atmospheric scattering and is like 10 times faster. Enjoy the screenshots!


Written by brainzizizi

08.21.2009 at 08:31

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