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Time to forget Silverlight

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I’ve given up on silverlight. So many issues need to be addressed, and the 3.0 version is officially not gonna address some of the larger ones. I’m really looking forward to writing pixel shaders for SL3 one day. After I try to forget all about SL, Web services, and all that ugly stuff. was never finished. Too little time to do everything indented, and the idea was kinda stupid also. I’ll do better next year.

Right now I’m programming a simple little physics engine for XNA called zPhysics, and it’s progressing quite well. I’m slowly reading two books which helped me quite a lot already, “Game physics engine development” by Ian Millington and “Real-Time Collision Detection” by Christer Ericson. I’ve reached collision detection, contact resolving and penetration, and I think I’m gonna fight with these for some time. I’ll try to post some interesting code or concepts whenever I can.


Written by brainzizizi

05.27.2009 at 04:54