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Things learned the hard way

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Decided to write a post. And possibly a helpful one! What a day!

I present – lessons learned the hard way in game programming:

Do not write your own physics for games.

Use for 2D and for 3D physics. Do not write you’re own just because you need a simple physics engine in your game – even if you do have the neccessary knowledge. It’s too big to finish in a reasonable time and there are far better engines out there.

Learn to use some paint software and a 3d modelling package

You will need art for your game. Lots and lots of art if you’re making anything bigger than puzzle games. Learn how to use Photoshop, Gimp or whatever to create basic game 2D game art. Also learn a 3D modelling package like Maya or Blender because – if you can handle the math – you will want to do something in 3 dimensions. Also learn Mudbox or some other free sculpting package if you don’t want to totally devote to 3D with learning how to uv map / texture. Also to touch UV mapping: Do not UV map a model manually using plane, sphere, … projections. Use something called LSCM mapping. Blender has it by default and most packages have a plugin that handles that (Maya has RoadKill)

Learn about view and projection transforms and object, view, world coordinate systems

Not knowing how to handle transformations between different coordinate systems turns out to be quite a bummer when trying to do anything a bit more complex with graphics. You need to know the maths so you can do a whole lot of cool stuff like shadow mapping and camera effects… Start with Vector math, and go on with Matrix math and View, Projection, Transformation matrices. It’s really practical math, ready-to-use math, not something abstract with a lot of theory behind.

Well, that’s it for now. What did you learn the hard way in game programming?


Written by brainzizizi

10.30.2010 at 15:56

Time to forget Silverlight

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I’ve given up on silverlight. So many issues need to be addressed, and the 3.0 version is officially not gonna address some of the larger ones. I’m really looking forward to writing pixel shaders for SL3 one day. After I try to forget all about SL, Web services, and all that ugly stuff. was never finished. Too little time to do everything indented, and the idea was kinda stupid also. I’ll do better next year.

Right now I’m programming a simple little physics engine for XNA called zPhysics, and it’s progressing quite well. I’m slowly reading two books which helped me quite a lot already, “Game physics engine development” by Ian Millington and “Real-Time Collision Detection” by Christer Ericson. I’ve reached collision detection, contact resolving and penetration, and I think I’m gonna fight with these for some time. I’ll try to post some interesting code or concepts whenever I can.

Written by brainzizizi

05.27.2009 at 04:54