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Abandoned – Renderer screenshot batch

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I promised screenshots so here they are:

My game is certainly not the next Far Cry (not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t make that kind of graphics). But it’s gonna run on shader models 2.0, on anything that has a processor and windows. And it’s gonna look “nice”. By “nice” I mean old-school nice. I really want to sell a compelling story line. More on that next time.


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09.01.2009 at 15:11

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Abandoned – The renderer

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The first couple of screenshots I posted here were done on a deffered renderer. The deffered renderer makes heavy use of multirender targets and doesn’t support hardware antialiasing as well as some transparency issues and what not. I wasn’t happy with it initially because it does cost a lot to initially implement it, but I was hoping to steady out the fps and keep them constant. Everything was ok ’till I didn’t try to implement shadow mapping and shadow map antialiasing. I just coudn’t keep the fps up so I switched to a forward renderer.

Shadow mapping was a breeze, I have like 3 passes all in all. One for shadow mapping, one for point lights and one for combining that and texturing. In between that all there some light texture blurring. Performance is excellent and I’m sticking to this one. Only problem is doing 3 passes for every geometry and the limit in the number of pixel point lights if you’re doing shader version 2.0 per shader. But through some light optimizations and vertex light shading things can turn out pretty well as I’m going to show in a couple of screenshots. I’ll post them later today.

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09.01.2009 at 10:15

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